Republican Budget Members Call on Lt. Gov to Redirect Pompidou Money

May 1, 2024

Bucco & O'Scanlon to Introduce a Bill to Restore School Aid Following Murphy's Funding Cuts

April 5, 2024

O'Scanlon Slams Cuts to State Aid for Public Schools

February 29, 2024
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Bucco & O’Scanlon Slam Murphy For Avoiding Real Issues Like the Affordability Crisis

October 25, 2023

O’Scanlon Calls on New Jersey Local Finance Board to Enforce Laws Against Unconscionable Jersey City “Boat Checks”

October 24, 2023

Senate Republicans Propose FY 2024 Budget Plan with $6 Billion of New Tax Relief, More Debt Reduction, Spending Moderation & Greater Transparency | SenateNJ.com

June 5, 2023
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O’Scanlon: Democrat Bill Tells Kids “Don’t Drink, Smoke Pot Instead” | SenateNJ.com

June 21, 2023

Ruiz, O’Scanlon Bill to Prohibit Sale of Delta-8 THC Products | SenateNJ.com

June 13, 2023

O’Scanlon: Our Kids are Buying and Ingesting Unregulated Delta 8 THC Products Laced with Potentially Harmful Chemicals. It’s Time Someone Gave a Damn | SenateNJ.com

January 11, 2023
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Criminal Justice & Red Light Cameras

O’Scanlon Bill to Reduce Vehicle Registration Burden for New Jerseyans Clears Committee

December 14, 2023

O’Scanlon Introduces Bill to Reduce Vehicle Registration Violations | SenateNJ.com

July 17, 2023

Senate Clears O’Scanlon Bill to Help Crime Victims | SenateNJ.com

June 20, 2023
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More Headlines

O'Scanlon on Murphy's CBT Tax Surcharge

June 11, 2024

O’Scanlon: Perspective on Memorial Day

May 26, 2024

O'Scanlon, Citing Outrageous Administrator Salary, Calls for Investigation into CAPS Management Executive Salary

May 23, 2024

Senate Budget GOP Releases Letter to Fix Murphy's Broken Budget

May 22, 2024

O'Scanlon Bill Supporting Mental Health Services for Law Enforcement Advances

May 16, 2024

O'Scanlon, Flynn & Scharfenberger: "Rutgers Leadership... As Usual, Too Little Too Late

May 2, 2024

Sen. O’Scanlon, Asw. Flynn & Asm. Scharfenberger Statement on Protests & Calls for Civil Uprising at Rutgers University

April 30, 2024

O'Scanlon Declares Victory! Rutgers finally lifts COVID vaccine requirement...two years too late

April 1, 2024

O'Scanlon Introduces Bill to Protect NJ Drivers from Out-of-State Automated Traffic Fines

March 20, 2024

Legislators Call for Emergency Session & Hearings on Veterans’ Home Death Investigation Report

September 8, 2023

Legislative District 13 Calls to Block NYC’s Attempt to Use NJ to Solve Federal Immigration Crisis

August 31, 2023

Committee Clears O’Scanlon Bill That Would Expand the “Sexual Assault Victim's Bill of Rights”

March 7, 2024

O’Scanlon Bill Protecting Seniors from Scammers Advances

March 7, 2024

O’Scanlon says Freeze Taxpayer Dollars Allegedly Being Used to Honor Antisemites in Letter to Governor

October 17, 2023

O’Scanlon Bill that Would Help Crime Victims Signed into Law

October 17, 2023

Senate Republicans Call for Investigation into AG’s Office in Letter to Senate President

October 3, 2023

O’Scanlon to Reintroduce Bill Revoking Public Pensions for Corrupt Officials

September 23, 2023

Legislative District 13 Calls Upon Governor & US Senators to Block NYC’s Attempt to Use NJ to Solve Federal Immigration Crisis

August 31, 2023

O’Scanlon Op-Ed: Introducing Legislation to Correct Insanity of Recently Passed Cannabis Law | SenateNJ.com

March 8, 2021

N.J. medical marijuana patients need a good hostage negotiator, senator says

February 12, 2019

Minimum wage hike too much, too fast: O'Scanlon

February 4, 2019

Republican lawmaker: Why I'm rooting for Murphy to succeed | Opinion

November 19, 2018

GOP lawmaker: Dems and GOP legislators must unite on pension, benefits reform | Opinion

September 16, 2018

Time to solve NJ's financial crisis: O'Scanlon

August 22, 2018

New Jersey still far, far, far away from solvency: O'Scanlon

July 30, 2018

GOP lawmaker: Jersey's budget got fat, like my dog over the winter. Let's do what's healthy

May 14, 2018

Murphy conditional veto shows concern for taxpayer: O'Scanlon

May 10, 2018

O’Scanlon: Stunning Cost/Benefit Analysis Obliterates Red Light Camera Credibility

July 4, 2015

There's no magic bullet to fix N.J.'s budget woes: Opinion

December 22, 2014

O’Scanlon Calls Rutgers' Ongoing COVID Vaccine Mandate ‘Completely Irrational’

March 1, 2024

Senate Republicans Object to Democrats Misguided Bill That Oversteps Parents, Local School Boards

February 13, 2024

O'Scanlon Bill Expanding Victims' Rights Advances

February 9, 2024

Senate Approves O’Scanlon Bill to Increase Awareness About Women’s Health Issues

December 11, 2023

O’Scanlon/Sarlo Introduce Bill to Define Private Beach Owners and Lessees Liability

December 4, 2023

O’Scanlon, Scharfenberger & Flynn to Governor Murphy On Offshore Wind – ‘We Told You So.'

November 1, 2023

O’Scanlon Bill to Increase Awareness About Women’s Health Issues Advances

March 6, 2023
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