Republican Budget Committee Members Call for Release of FY 2024 State Budget Plan that Will Be Voted on Tomorrow | SenateNJ.com

June 26, 2023

Senate Approves O’Scanlon Bill That Prioritizes School Funding | SenateNJ.com

June 26, 2023

O’Scanlon Bill Prioritizing School Funding Advances

June 20, 2023


Senate Republicans Propose FY 2024 Budget Plan with $6 Billion of New Tax Relief, More Debt Reduction, Spending Moderation & Greater Transparency | SenateNJ.com

June 5, 2023

Senate Republicans Announce $4.32 Billion of “Give It Back” Property Tax Relief for Towns & Counties | SenateNJ.com

May 23, 2023

O’Scanlon: Murphy Should Explain Cuts in Municipal Aid & Delays in Assistance for Rising Health Care Costs that Will Drive Property Tax Increases | SenateNJ.com

March 1, 2023


O’Scanlon: Democrat Bill Tells Kids “Don’t Drink, Smoke Pot Instead” | SenateNJ.com

June 21, 2023

Ruiz, O’Scanlon Bill to Prohibit Sale of Delta-8 THC Products | SenateNJ.com

June 13, 2023

O’Scanlon: Our Kids are Buying and Ingesting Unregulated Delta 8 THC Products Laced with Potentially Harmful Chemicals. It’s Time Someone Gave a Damn | SenateNJ.com

January 11, 2023

Criminal Justice Reform

O’Scanlon Introduces Bill to Reduce Vehicle Registration Violations | SenateNJ.com

July 17, 2023

Senate Clears O’Scanlon Bill to Help Crime Victims | SenateNJ.com

June 20, 2023

O’Scanlon Introduces Legislation to Crackdown on Underage Alcohol and Cannabis Use | SenateNJ.com

June 14, 2023

More Headlines

O’Scanlon to Reintroduce Bill Revoking Public Pensions for Corrupt Officials

September 28, 2023

Sen. O'Scanlon Endorses Dnistrian for Senate, Piperno and Eulner for Re-election in LD-11 Race

September 22, 2023

Legislative District 13 Calls Upon Governor & US Senators to Block NYC’s Attempt to Use NJ to Solve Federal Immigration Crisis | SenateNJ.com

August 31, 2023