Republican Budget Members Call on Lt. Gov to Redirect Pompidou Money

May 1, 2024

Bucco & O'Scanlon to Introduce a Bill to Restore School Aid Following Murphy's Funding Cuts

April 5, 2024

O'Scanlon Slams Cuts to State Aid for Public Schools

February 29, 2024

Republican Budget Members Pan Murphy’s Budget, $3 Billion of Higher Taxes and Spending Spree

February 29, 2024

Statement From Republican Senate Budget Committee Members

February 15, 2024

ICYMI: Murphy Admin Admits to Putting Bloated Budget Ahead of Infrastructure Projects

February 8, 2024

GOP Budget Members: Legislators’ Budget Requests Have Been Whitewashed of Critical Information

September 15, 2023

O’Scanlon: Reforms Needed to Address Wasteful Paterson School Spending

September 14, 2023

Republican Budget Committee Members Call for Release of FY 2024 State Budget Plan that Will Be Voted on Tomorrow | SenateNJ.com

June 26, 2023

Senate Approves O’Scanlon Bill That Prioritizes School Funding | SenateNJ.com

June 26, 2023

O’Scanlon Bill Prioritizing School Funding Advances

June 20, 2023

O’Scanlon: “I Have a Solution to the Congestion Pricing Debacle” | SenateNJ.com

May 19, 2023

Oroho, O’Scanlon, Testa & Steinhardt Slam Murphy’s Mismanagement of Federal Stimulus Money | SenateNJ.com

May 16, 2023

Oroho & O’Scanlon Respond to State Auditor Report Showing Murphy Administration’s Failure to Use Billions in Federal Pandemic Relief Funds | SenateNJ.com

April 13, 2023

O’Scanlon & Testa Say Trenton Democrats Are Prioritizing Pork Over School Funding in State Budget | SenateNJ.com

March 28, 2023

Senate Republicans Comment on Murphy’s FY 2024 Budget Proposal | SenateNJ.com

February 28, 2023

O’Scanlon: WTF JBOC? | SenateNJ.com

January 20, 2023

O’Scanlon, Scharfenberger & Flynn: Increases in School Stabilization Aid a Good Start, But Work is Far from Over | SenateNJ.com

January 9, 2023

O’Scanlon Calls for JBOC to ‘Get Serious’; Slams Committee for Lack of Oversight

December 30, 2022

O’Scanlon Calls for Investigation of Blatant Waste of Money, Vital Learning Time | SenateNJ.com

October 21, 2022

O’Scanlon: Murphy Administration Not Complying with Russian Divestiture Law | SenateNJ.com

October 20, 2022

O’Scanlon Bill Would Utilize Special Auditor to Prevent Abuse of Public Funds by State Universities

October 19, 2022

Republican Budget Committee Members Call for Required Oversight of Pandemic Relief & Debt Funds | SenateNJ.com

October 7, 2022

Senate Republican Budget Committee Members Say Treasurer Muoio Intentionally Misled Legislature to Hide Explosion of State Debt | SenateNJ.com

June 22, 2022

O’Scanlon Calls on Democrats to Release Their Budget Resolutions & Improve Transparency | SenateNJ.com

June 3, 2022

O’Scanlon: Murphy’s ANCHOR/Rebate Changes Cut Renters’ Rebates | SenateNJ.com

April 8, 2022

O’Scanlon: No Reason to Let Murphy Delay Budget Message | SenateNJ.com

February 9, 2022

O’Scanlon: Murphy Issuing Another $400 Million of State Debt Despite Having Billions in Cash | SenateNJ.com

November 22, 2021

O’Scanlon: Millions Will Be Wasted on UI Fund Interest Payments If Murphy Fails to Act | SenateNJ.com

August 24, 2021

Senate Republicans Call on Gov. Murphy to Explain Pork Spending Before Budget Is Signed | SenateNJ.com

June 29, 2021

O’Scanlon: Democrats’ Lack of Budget Transparency Is Shameful | SenateNJ.com

June 23, 2021

Republican Budget Committee Members: Murphy Administration Has $11.5 Billion and No Plan to Help NJ | SenateNJ.com

June 9, 2021

Senate Republicans Propose Budget Fixes & Reforms to Protect NJ Taxpayers | SenateNJ.com

June 7, 2021

O’Scanlon’s Budget Question Uncovers Murphy’s May Surprise | SenateNJ.com

May 20, 2021

O’Scanlon Cites Democrats for Shortchanging Businesses Battered by Government Interference | SenateNJ.com

March 22, 2021

O’Scanlon: Taking $33M Without Firefighter Engagement “Baffling”

June 5, 2019

O'Scanlon Response to Murphy's Budget Address

May 3, 2019

Senate Republican Budget Committee Members on State Treasurer & OLS Testimony

February 4, 2019