Bucco & O’Scanlon Slam Murphy For Avoiding Real Issues Like the Affordability Crisis

October 25, 2023

O’Scanlon Calls on New Jersey Local Finance Board to Enforce Laws Against Unconscionable Jersey City “Boat Checks”

October 24, 2023

Senate Republicans Propose FY 2024 Budget Plan with $6 Billion of New Tax Relief, More Debt Reduction, Spending Moderation & Greater Transparency |

June 5, 2023

Senate Republicans Announce $4.32 Billion of “Give It Back” Property Tax Relief for Towns & Counties |

May 23, 2023

O’Scanlon: Murphy Should Explain Cuts in Municipal Aid & Delays in Assistance for Rising Health Care Costs that Will Drive Property Tax Increases |

March 1, 2023

Republican Budget Members Blast Murphy Administration Plans to Tax Cloud Computing & Software Subscription Services |

January 24, 2023

Pennacchio/O’Scanlon Call on Legislature to Immediately Enact Sales Tax Moratorium on Natural Gas, Electricity for Homes |

November 22, 2022

O’Scanlon: NFL’s Tyreek Hill Demonstrates How NJ’s High Taxes Impact Behavior |

October 5, 2022

O’Scanlon Blasts Dimwitted NY Politician for Threatening NJ Drivers with Extra $50 Fee for Entering NYC |

October 3, 2022

O’Scanlon Calls for Investigation into Rutgers Athletics $450K DoorDash Bill |

August 26, 2022

Oroho, O’Scanlon Blame Murphy for Deserting New Jersey Businesses |

August 19, 2022

Republican Leadership Calls for Investigation of Murphy Administration’s Failure to Control Health Care Costs for Public Employees, Retirees & Taxpayers |

July 21, 2022

O’Scanlon Highlights Delayed & Failed Tax Relief in Democrats’ Budget |

June 30, 2022

Democrats Vote Against $8 Billion of Tax Relief Proposed by Republicans to Help Families & Small Businesses |

June 27, 2022

Senate Republicans Call for Action to End Tax Bracket Creep After Treasury Estimates $543 Million Income Tax Increase Next Year |

June 24, 2022

Senate Republicans Propose $8 Billion of New Tax Relief, Bolstering Surplus, Doubling Debt Repayment & Increasing Oversight in Budget Plan |

May 26, 2022

Republican Budget Members: Governor’s Warmed Over ANCHOR Proposal is Pathetic Attempt at Tax Relief |

May 18, 2022

O’Scanlon & Pennacchio Propose Savings for NJ’s Battered Property Taxpayers |

March 11, 2022

O’Scanlon: Murphy’s Payroll Tax Increase Will Be the Next Disaster to Hit NJ Businesses |

September 7, 2021

If Necessary, Legislature Should Reconvene to Stop Murphy’s Employer-Crushing Tax Increase |

August 18, 2021

Senate Republicans Propose Returning $4 Billion to New Jersey Taxpayers |

June 10, 2021

O’Scanlon: Taking $33M Without Firefighter Engagement “Baffling”

May 6, 2019

O’Scanlon: Jersey City Teacher Contract Punishes Kids & Taxpayers Statewide; Lawsuit Indicates Stunning Lack of Self Awareness

May 6, 2019

O’Scanlon Responds to Murphy’s Millionaire’s Tax Announcement

March 6, 2019

O’Scanlon Spearheads Legislation to Stop Taxpayer Theft

February 14, 2019