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Stunning Cost/Benefit Analysis Obliterates Red Light Camera Credibility

JUL 14, 2016

Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon (R-13) today released the first true cost/benefit calculations of the NJ red light camera pilot program.  The numbers are striking, and devastating to the camera program.

“The best way to assess the success of any program – government or private – is to actually assess the value of the program versus the cost.  If a program costs you more than the value it returns, then it is a bad investment – and should be discontinued.  This is particularly applicable to automated enforcement programs like red light cameras.  If the total value of “accident cost savings” is less than the amount of fines charged, then the deal stinks for NJ drivers.  You can’t argue with these numbers because they come directly from the state study” said O’Scanlon.

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Proper Setting of Yellow Light Timing is the Correct Course


The single activity which exposes us to government rules and regulations more than any other is driving. Every single day we have to deal with traffic laws. When they are irrational or unfair - or purposefully designed to rip us off rather than improve safety - it is particularly irritating. Traffic safety issues gave me my entree to policy and politics more than 20 years ago - so I know from what I speak.

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Why You Should Care About Red Light Cameras


More people approach me regarding the red-light camera issue than any other. Despite that level of passion — virtually all of it appropriately against the devices — there are still folks who say, “This is a minor issue,” or “Just don’t run red lights and you have nothing to worry about.” Those people are wrong on both counts.

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Florida Red Light Camera Piece: 'Buy-Partisan' Sell Out of Florida Drivers


Bills that would have provided that Florida residents get treated a little more fairly by the red light camera program were gutted recently by the Florida legislature.  This is more than sad. It is disgraceful - particularly because the gutting was done by a group of legislators from both the Democrat and Republican parties.  Essentially members of both parties have sold out so that out-of-state companies - whose product claims and tactics are more than exaggerated, they are down right fraudulent - can continue to steal from the legislators' constituents.  And the legislators who gutted the bills last week know it. Or should have known it.  The evidence is clear and convincing - red light cameras don't improve safety. 

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Here are links to studies supporting our claims on Red Light Cameras:

University of South Florida Study:

USF follow-up to their study, taking aim at the Insurance Institute's claims:

Article summarizing USF findings:Study finds red light cameras cause accidents | Watchdog Wire - Florida:

Watchdog Wire - Study finds red light cameras cause accidents

University of North Carolina A&T study prepared for US DOT:

Crashes increase at Winnipeg intersections with 7 years of data:

Winnipeg Sun red light cameras disgrace

A California firm was found to rig their data in a bid to keep red light cameras:

California: Firm found to rig data in bid to keep rlc

 Analysis Of National Data Finds No Benefit To Red Light Cameras:


Roundup of Red Light Camera Studies:

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