Assemblyman O’Scanlon (R-13) called for increased awareness of New Jersey Natural Gas timeframes when it comes to gas disconnects and reconnects on Sandy-affected home projects.

O’Scanlon was contacted by a constituent who was advised by her contractor that New Jersey Natural Gas would take up to 8 weeks to disconnect and then another 8 weeks to reconnect the natural gas lines to her home after work had been completed. O’Scanlon reached out to New Jersey Natural Gas representatives who clarified that the average time frame for a disconnect is approximately 4 weeks, and the average time for a reconnect is 4-6 weeks. Disconnections and re-connections of gas lines are more complicated than for power lines, thus leading to longer lead times. For this reason homeowners and contractors are encouraged to contact New Jersey Natural Gas early in their construction planning phase.

“It seems that there was some initial confusion on the part of contractors and homeowners with how long this process can take and when NJNG should be brought into the process. As long as NJNG is contacted early in the planning process, there is no reason it should take more than approximately 4 weeks to disconnect, and then another 6 to reconnect gas lines for these homeowners who have been waiting over two years to move back into their homes. The key here is for homeowners and contractors to be aware of these lead times and to begin to work with NJNG early enough so that they don’t get jammed up when they are ready to begin work or move back into their renovated and elevated homes.” O’Scanlon said.

“To ensure that this information is thoroughly disseminated NJNG has agreed to reach out to contractors and disaster recovery staff. Homeowners should also be aware – and be sure to remind their contractors so they aren’t held up on either side of their projects. This is critical. Just like our office working with JCP&L, we remain open to constituents who need help moving through this process with utlities” concluded O’Scanlon.

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