Revamping the driver’s license renewal system will ease ‘end of month rush’ at MVC locations

Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon today unveiled legislation to curb wait times at motor vehicle offices. O’Scanlon’s proposal would change driver’s license expiration dates to each driver’s birth date. Currently licenses in New Jersey expire at the end of each driver’s birth month – leaving MVC offices with long wait times at the end of the month dealing with a large volume of license renewals.

“I’ve been working with Governor Christie’s administration on legislation that would ease the long wait times that New Jersey drivers experience when renewing their license at their local MVC office. I am pleased that the Governor has thrown his support behind this common sense solution to a serious problem facing New Jersey’s drivers. I urge legislative leadership in both houses to post the bill - which will be introduced during our next session day - so we can end unnecessarily long wait times for New Jersey residents and drivers.  

This legislation recognizes that it's human nature to procrastinate. The way the system is set up now we have 12 days a year - the last day of every month - upon which drivers' licenses expire. If you spend any time at an MVC you can't miss the bottleneck that this causes the last few days or week of every month.  By going to a birth date expiration schedule we will eliminate the bottle neck.  It's a common sense solution that's worked in other states. New Jersey motorists have been plagued with long wait times - we owe it to them to do all in our paper to alleviate that inconvenience. We are currently working with Commissioner Martinez' office on the final bill.  Again I applaud the administration for taking these issues seriously” O’Scanlon concluded.

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