“I don’t know who the hell he thinks he is” said O’Scanlon in a furious tirade sparked by Golden’s failure to even mention O’Scanlon in a release about young Monmouth County Republican leaders “but I’m not taking this from this whippersnapper!”

Monmouth County Chairman Golden put out a release touting the new crop of young, dynamic (and outstanding) leaders put forward this year by the Monmouth County Republican organization – without even mentioning O’Scanlon. The furious, scathing – sometimes incoherent – reaction from O’Scanlon could be heard all the way to Freehold.

“I have been the quintessential Monmouth County Young Republican for decades!!!!” Said O’Scanlon “If Golden thinks he can strip me of that moniker simply because I’m getting old he has another thing coming!!”

O’Scanlon threatened to take his fury to the next level “I’m going to sue the diapers off of him! For Golden to suggest one can’t be young, simply because he is old – is blatant age discrimination! I won’t tolerate it!”

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