Assemblyman O’Scanlon Praises the NJHA for its Demand to be Removed From the Traffic Safety Coalition’s Website as a Partner

Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon today heaped praise upon the NJHA (New Jersey Hospital Association) for its demand to be removed from the Traffic Safety Coalition’s website as a partner. The Coalition purports to be an organization dedicated to the improvement of traffic safety but is actually created by, run by and wholly funded by one of the red-light camera companies.

“This is a classic front organization designed purely to fool the public – and unsuspecting entities like the hospital association – into believing that camera company lies have local, unbiased support and credibility. Like the mob uses a local bar to launder money and make it seem legitimate, these entities are designed to launder a message” said O’Scanlon.

“The Hospital Association has sent an important message to the red-light camera industry,” O’Scanlon explained. “They’re not fooled and they’re not buying what these companies are selling. Groups like the Traffic Safety Coalition attempt to pull the wool over the public’s eyes and sometimes some well meaning associations will jump on board if they don’t do their research. Thankfully, the NJHA has said “no” to these nefarious tactics. This now leaves the Traffic Safety Coalition with one ‘featured partner’, the City of Newark – not much credibility there.”

“Here is another example of their whole cloth creation of an organization whose name is meant to sound as if it is some sort of organic local safety group – when in reality it is nothing more than a wholly-controlled entity of the company itself. If you really want to be honest and open why create such entities? The answer is that these companies aren’t honest at any level. They blatantly lie about the effectiveness of their products to the public and to their clients and they use phony, front organizations like these to appear as independent safety organizations confirming – and thus lending credibility to – their lies.

“If one follows the money one finds that the company managing these sites – there are dozens across the country – is none other than Resolute Consulting – the same company who had hired a former Chicago official who is now under indictment on bribery charges related to the Chicago red light camera contract. It is a blatant front organization designed to build the credibility of the falsehoods put forward by a corrupt industry. Just one more sleazy example of their deceptive tactics” said O’Scanlon. “If their claims were simply true there would be no need for such tactics. Here in New Jersey we have Safe Roads NJ, another front organization also run by Resolute Consulting.”

O’Scanlon went on to say that the examples of the red-light camera companies’ under handed tactics are as plentiful as the tickets their cameras dole out upon unsuspecting motorists. In Florida, the leading red light camera-provider, American Traffic Solutions is battling a citizen-backed referendum on red light cameras from ever reaching a ballot. The city is also fighting the referendum on grounds that it infringes upon city council’s power. ATS has the majority of red-light camera contracts in Florida and is concerned about a possible precedent-setting legal decision and citizen vote.

“These companies will do anything to keep their product on the streets,” O’Scanlon explained. “I feel like a parent talking to a kid about drug dealers when I’m discussing red-light camera companies. They are not your friends and they don’t care a whit about you or safety. They just want your money and they will do just about anything to keep stealing it. The Florida story proves that they don’t even want to hear from the public as long as they have the support of the politicians who, by the way, they are lobbying hard with lots of cash.”


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